This is who I am

Living to inspire people to do better

This is who I am. Trusting myself was not easy. People around me has told me many times to give up but I know for a fact I have the desire to do it and do it and keep doing it.

I never liked showcasing myself in front of a big crowd but if it is the only way for me to inspire people to do better then so be IT. Nothing will stop me. No one can ever stop me.

Struggles in life

I have seen a lot of people who are motivated to just do ENOUGH, I have seen those who have BIG dreams and gave up on their dreams. I know for a fact I trust and I believe in myself, I can do better.

I have to break some rules because I have a VISION. I have no time to dream when I was helping my parents farm. Being a farmer was non-stop, my grandmother died at 97 years old broke and my mother died at 67 years old broke. They have no time to dream. I have a vision. I know and I believe that one day I will break the chain of poverty when it comes to my family and to a lot of people.

It doesn’t matter where you came from

I believe it doesn’t matter what community we came from, it doesn’t matter what color, education, or if you are a mom or not, a father or not, if you believe in your heart that each and every single one of us deserve better, then you can DO better.

Life is too short to think small. A leader to me is when you turn around and people are following you.

Road to success

Success to me is going to the ground, making your hands messy because you want to lead till you drop, and just keep going and going until every single person have made it.

If you are committed to change the life of your family, that I will take you to the TOP. No matter what give me a 100% of your time and effort, I’ll give you 200% of my time. I work crazy when I work, I do trainings after trainings.

I believe nothing is impossible. A dream with no action will stay as a dream, but a dream with action will have the vision and you live it for the rest of your life.

Kevin Hall once said, “Your gifts are not about you, your leadership is not about you, and your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership and your purpose.” I say this to myself everyday to remind me I am doing this for others.

This is who I am. I am born to serve.

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