The Simplest Ways on How to Motivate Yourself

I can feel your pain. The moment I look into your eyes, I know that there are many things disturbing your thoughts. Are you in rock bottom? Do you want to leave and just surrender? Are you thinking of quitting? I want to help you motivate yourself.

Today, I want to let you know that when you hit big time by life’s unexpected circumstances, it is the best time for you to motivate yourself.

1. Finances

Admit it, money is not  the most important, but it is important. Before you call it quits, have a time to look back on why in the first place you started. Our ability to use money in the best way can help us improve lives of many people. It is always true that the ultimate purpose of becoming rich is to help and love other people. How about helping your sick family members? Sending your children to school? Enjoying that dream vacation?

If you are a salesman, imagine the amount of comfort you can get when you reach that certain goal.

Don’t give up. Better days are coming.

Speak affirmations with yourself.

2. Faith

I am a strong advocate of prayers and I believe that in everything we do, we should couple it with faith to our God almighty.

In the bible, it is written, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be given unto you.” When you have a dream, offer it to God. Make this as a divine journey in order to clear out your intentions.

A lot of people are more focus on the outcome and on what they will get. But you just allow the natural force of God’s universe to work perfectly in front of you, then greater things will come into fruition. The first step is trusting Him, to be followed by working on what you can do.

Trusting God is not the first and last thing to do when you are working for your dreams. You need to go out and get the things done. Because faith without action is death.

3. Family

Admit it, majority of us in this planet is motivated because we want to elevate the lives of our families. We all want to have a little bit of comfort
If it is dark in your life, imagine the amazing feeling your family will experience if you win in your battle.

You can put food on the table, you can give the best medical treatment for your children and you can give them a safe and comfortable house. If you will not give up, all these things can happen in your family.

When you feel lazy to go out in the field, be inspired by what your family can get when you succeed on it. When many people are discouraging you, imagine the comfort that you can give to your children whenever you take discouragement positively.

You came to win.

Again and again, I want to let you know that you have potentials within you. You have a brilliant mind and a courageous heart. God created you to enjoy His magnificence. He has given you talents upon talents that when used in the right manner, it will give you richness not only in money but also in love, humility and kindness.

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