Why You need to have a Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces on Earth that you can use in your journey towards success. When I started applying gratitude in my life, I observed unbelievable results. Today, I want to share to you the power of gratitude journal.

1. Gratitude is a lifestyle

Everyday, strive to become a grateful person. Thank everyone who did favors to you, even if it’s just a small favor. Being grateful should not be a one time event. It should be a part of our everyday lives. Live a life full of gratitude.

2. Gratitude attracts blessings

Many people are wondering why they are not receiving enough resources even if they had many credentials and even when they are working very hard. The missing link is gratitude. When you start being thankful from the good things that are happening in your life, chances are, more good things will come in your life. It is like the old principle of “what you sow, you reap.” Plant gratitude everywhere.

3. Gratitude is a basic attitude

Even if you are the most intelligent and the most hardworking person, if you lack gratitude, it will be difficult for you to achieve success. Gratitude is a simple thing. Offering a smile to a stranger. Saying “thank you” whenever someone did a favor for you.

4. Exercise gratitude every morning and after your day is over.

Every morning, the first two words, that should come out from your mouth are, “Thank you”. And before you sleep, these should be the last words that you say. Through this, you are releasing a powerful force that can make a difference in your life. Soak yourself with gratitude and be amazed with its power.

5. Start Today

Today, write down at least five things that you are grateful in your life. Reflect from your biggest blessings to the smaller one. It can be a safe drive home or it can be a delicious dinner. Gratitude journal is not a complicated thing. When you don’t have a gratitude journal, that’s when life becomes complicated.
Right now pause for a moment. Close your eyes. And reflect on the things that you are grateful.

Get a pen and paper.

And write it down.

Have a blessed day!

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