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I only quit when I cross the finish line.

I only connect with the word “quit” when I have successfully completed a task. And in such situations, the word means taking a moment to relish my success.

Having achieved what I set out for, I can now rest and be pleased with myself.

I make it a point of honor to never allow that word, or even thoughts of the action, to cross my lips or mind. When I am victorious, I can take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

If exhaustion, anger or despair seem to bring me close to quitting, I pause for a moment and catch my breath. However dire things may look, I know I can always come out ahead, so I choose to win instead of quit.

I have the resources to see anything through to the end. I have resolve, staying power, and great inner strength that allow me to keep going. I can work through, around, or over anything. There is always a way because I always have the will.

I believe that quitting prevents me from living up to the desires of my Creator. I was made with strengths perfectly suited to the challenges that arise in my life.

My strengths define me and I am able to push through any situation.

Today, I approach each challenge with my eyes on the prize. If what-ifs and maybes distract me along the way, I remember that they are worth only a moment of my time.

I believe in my abilities to overcome them and press on, because I am a winner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I motivate myself to persevere?

2. Am I convinced that I have what it takes to do anything I aspire to?

3. Are there times when I am hard on myself because I feel challenged to complete a task? How could I be more supportive?

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