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I believe in my dreams. Those visions are inside of me for a purpose, which is soon to be revealed. My faith is steadfast as I await the manifestation of my dreams.

There are many reasons why I must wait. Sometimes, I need to prepare myself for the change my dreams are having on my life. I must be patient until it is the right time for my vision to be made manifest.

I keep my joy while I wait for the image in my heart to come to pass. My hope is solid because it depends on my attitude rather than my circumstance. The choice is up to me whether to give up on my dreams or to continue to believe in them.

I have the self-discipline necessary to persist faithfully in my daily tasks while hoping for something greater. I remain calm when anxiety tries to distract me. As long as I carry on and build moment, my dreams are within my reach.

I share my vision with people who are positive because their encouragement motivates me. Talking about my hopes and dreams stirs up my faith.

Life is a process that takes time. In this season of waiting, I choose to keep my positive expectations. On the other side of this mountain lie the answers to my questions.

Today, I choose to share my vision with someone new to stimulate my faith. I choose to be joyful even if I do not see my dreams come true just yet. I choose to believe that if a vision is in my heart, passion and perseverance will bring it to pass.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What dreams am I waiting on?
2. Who can I share my vision with today?
3. How does hope help me achieve my dreams?

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