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About Angie

Angie Ostojic, is a devoted mother, loving wife, visionary leader, entrepreneur, passionate speaker, life coach, community leader and friend. Born and raised in the Philippines from a humble upbringing. Her determination as a working student enabled her to pursue a university education in her home country. At the age of 19, an opportunity arose for Angie to work abroad as domestic helper. She did so in Hong Kong, and the Middle East before moving to Canada as a caregiver/nanny in 1995.

Angie’s desire to support family back in the Philippines and help others overcome poverty led her to focus on a new career in sales and empowering others to defeat poverty. Her tenacity enabled her to achieve financial stability and freedom running her own company as an entrepreneur.

Today, Angie enjoys mentoring, public speaking but her greatest passion is giving back. She is the founder of AO Giving Heart Inc., a foundation that aims to help feed and educate children in the Philippines. Her philanthropy work and charitable organization has helped and supported many children and families who have been negatively impacted by poverty. Looking for creative ways to influence and inspire others, this go-getter started a magazine in 2017 that has evolved into AO Magazine where ordinary people share extraordinary life and business success stories!

“I love creating communities of likeminded people, working towards the same mission and goal which is to help a large number of men and women achieve freedom in their time and finances. This has become my ultimate passion.”

Angie Ostojic has been recognized for her contributions to her community. In 2019 she was the recipient of the following awards:

  • Women of Inspiration “Go Getter Award” by Canadian Business Chicks
  • Community Spirit Award from True Beauty Foundation
  • “Yaman ng Lahi” award from Fiesta Filipino (Philippine Festival Council of Alberta)
  • 2020 Immigration of Distinctive Award Finalist for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Angie runs a Mindset Mastery workshop along with other resources that can be found on social media in hopes to reach those who need it the most.

“It’s my desire that my life story serves as an inspiration to many.”

With God’s help and guidance Angie is a frontrunner in supporting new immigrants find their space as entrepreneurs and productive citizens of this country.

Many individuals are fulfilling their potential and achieving their lifelong dreams as a result of this inspiring woman and you can too. 

Angie Ostojic is proud of her unrelenting faith to God. She makes sure that all her actions and decisions are aligned with her faith. She considers everything she had as a gift from God and that she owned nothing. God created her as an instrument of His blessings. In whatever she does, be it in her relationships, finances, business, and fellowship, she always rely everything with faith in God.

Above all the things she had, she considers her family as her perfect gift from God. She prioritizes her family even in her busy schedules. She makes sure that she can still perform her ultimate role as a mother and wife.

Angie Ostojic is an expert in sales and entrepreneurship. She was able to understand the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. By these golden wisdom that she gained, she was able to train people who want to become entrepreneur themselves. One of the vehicles that she strongly believed in living a life of financial and financial freedom is through entrepreneurship.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Angie is a big believer in being generous and helping those in need. She regularly feeds hungry children in the Philippines. She’s also a big supporter of the Filipino-Canadian community where she sponsors events and gives speeches of encouragement and inspiration. Living a life of poverty allowed her to dream big in order to give back to her community. It gives her a sense of purpose whenever she put a smile on the faces of children without food to eat and decent clothes to wear that motivates her to work hard even more.


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Passionate Speaker - Leader - Life Coach