Angie Ostojic is a thoughtful wife, loving mother, passionate speaker, leader & a life coach, committed to create path for those desiring more and looking for a change.

Before pursuing her passion for speaking and coaching, she went through many struggles. She was born and raised in the Philippines from a humble upbringing. Due to poverty, education is almost impossible but because of her determination, persistence and hard work she earned a degree back home.

After finishing school she applied for a teaching job. Unfortunately, her salary was not enough to support her whole family. So she made the most terrifying decision, left her family when she was 19 years old and applied to worked as a domestic helper in the Middle East then to Hong kong before moving to Canada, only to support her family and have a better future. Arriving in Canada under the nanny program, she worked tirelessly until she was granted permanent residency.

After going through significant hardship and painful failures, she developed unwavering faith. Through prayer and handwork, over 19 years of experience in leadership, coaching & developing ordinary people (like she was) to become extra ordinary, she earned her first 7 figure income.

On her way to achieving success she helped many individuals transform their careers from dead end jobs to full time entrepreneurship- including her husband who she retired at the age of 48. Angie creates step by step, easy to follow programs to help others achieve their own fulfilled life, and together they enjoy making difference in the lives of others.

Angie’s influence continues to grow in the business community and the Filipino Canadian community. She recently published Angie Ostojic Magazine which highlights several individuals she has coached to success. Finally, she founded AO Giving Heart Foundation to give back to less fortunate children and their families in the Philippines, also support countless more charities.

Today, Angie continues to connect, support and develop more people to become successful entrepreneurs through her coaching programs, workshops, training and leadership. She believes that enhancing lives of people around her makes her more successful.
Angie Ostojic is proud of her unrelenting faith to God. She makes sure that all her actions and decisions are aligned with her faith. She considers everything she had as a gift from God and that she owned nothing. God created her as an instrument of His blessings. In whatever she does, be it in her relationships, finances, business and fellowship, she always rely everything with faith in God.
Above all the things she had, she considers her family as her perfect gift from God. She prioritizes her family even in her busy schedules. She makes sure that she can still perform her ultimate role as a mother and wife.
Angie Ostojic is an expert in sales and entrepreneurship. She was able to understand the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. By these golden wisdom that she gained, she was able to train people who want to become entrepreneur themselves. One of the vehicles that she strongly believed in living a life of financial and financial freedom is through entrepreneurship.
Aside from being an entrepreneur, Angie is a big believer in being generous and helping those in need. She regularly feeds hungry children in the Philippines. She’s also a big supporter of the Filipino-Canadian community where she sponsors events and gives speeches of encouragement and inspiration. Living a life of poverty allowed her to dream big in order to give back to her community. It gives her a sense of purpose whenever she put a smile on the faces of children without food to eat and decent clothes to wear that motivates her to work hard even more.