10 Powerful Tips To Make Your 2018 A Year of Blessing!

I believe that 2018 is a year of blessing. I am very excited for the great blessing that will be unfolding in your lives. Wake up every day expecting to receive blessing. And use that blessings to bless others as well.

If you want this year to become impeccable, I would like to suggest some tips that might be useful.

1. Set Goals

If you want to start the year right, you should set your goals. Go into some quiet place and bring a pen and paper. What do you want to have this year? Write it down. Feel within your heart the goals that are close to your heart.

2. Review Your Goals

Everyday, discipline yourself to seriously revisit your goals for at least 15 minutes everyday. While reading, play images in your mind. Create movies in your imagination and live as if your dreams are already a reality.

3. Work Seriously

Life will always reward hard work. There are many people who set goals and then sit in their homes. Success does not work that way. You have to roll up your sleeves and go to the field. We live in a competitive and complex world. Create ways for you to stand out.

4. Search for Opportunities

Opportunity is very arrogant. It comes like a thief in the night. If you are not ready for it, it will slip by and leave you alone. There are many competitions out there. Go out. Search it and act on it. By just trying, soon you will discover the one thing that you are waiting.

5. Practice Gratitude

Wake up everyday declaring the good things that are happening in your life. Release the energy of gratitude into God’s universe. The more you speak of blessings, the more blessings will come back to you. Be thankful even for the smallest things.

6. Choose your Media Wisely

Leave the television if you want to make massive change in your life. Many people are just lying on their couch soaking themselves into some negative media. The bad news you are seeing in the television will not change your life. Remove anything that disrupt your peace of mind. Your success does not depend on the economy, war, bankruptcy and killing everywhere. It depends on you alone.

7.  Speak Appreciation

Offer your best smiles to the people around you. As much as possible, look into the greater attribute every person has. Say “thank you” in a sincere manner. Use words of affirmation. Believe me, every human being’s desire is a to be appreciated. Don’t limit it.

8. Turn your frustration into fascination

Even the most successful people at present still do encounter problems, be it small or big. The main difference between those who are living a mediocre life and the most successful people is that successful people are expert in turning every negative experience into a positive one. If you have a problem now that seems hopeless, believe me, something good will be born out of that experience.

9. Live in the Moment

It is good to plan for our future. However, never overlook an opportunity to seize every moment. A second gone is very precious. Life is short. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy your present moment. Don’t be anxious about what tomorrow will bring. Trust God that He will give you something amazing.

10. Start Now

When you have a great idea and you believe within your heart that there is something big coming, act immediately. Have a conscious awareness. Calculate the risks. When you planned everything according to your intuition, start creating action. Remember this: years from now, you will not regret the things you did and failed, but you will regret the things you planned but you’ve never get the chance to do it.

I am sending a prayer to every dreamer out there.

I believe that this year is a year of blessing for you and your family.

Hang on to that faith.

Get ready for it.

You came to win.

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