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Angie is one of the arising motivational speakers in Canada and an expert in sales industry.


Angie Ostojic is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, a loving wife and mother and a great coach. She started with a humble beginning, born and raised in the Philippines. Angie overcame obstacles so she could finish her schooling, work abroad as a domestic helper in Hongkong and Middle East before moving to Canada.

She has 17 years of experience as a businesswoman, gaining precious experience of a lifetime. She was able to escape the rat race and live a life of time and financial freedom in which she proudly shares in her speaking engagement. Angie has recently received multiple awards such as Top Organization Leader, Most Team Growth, and Top 10 Earner Income in Canada from the insurance company she currently represents. She built an organization of 150 people in less than one year. She spoke in events such as Pinoy Breakthrough, business conventions, and in her organization’s weekly business overview.

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"The only way to help the poor is not to be poor yourself".

- Angie Ostojic

Angie Ostojic

Reviews from Success Now Workshop

Success now workshop feedback

I had never set my goals before. No one has ever convinced me to make one except you. You inspired to do the same; inspire other to become successful & help them how to do it. And before you started the workshop, I prayed for you that God will bless every word that will come out from your mouth & will continue to do that.

- Debie A. Marzo

Success now workshop feedback

This was an awesome workshop. I got so much value in goal setting that I am able to share it with my kids. The most value that I got was the emotion part of the workshop. In how to control and release emotions when something comes up. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences your dreams and goals with us. This shows that I too am also capable of achieving the goals that I want to achieve.

- Mylene Pasion

Success now workshop feedback

There are a lot of times in my life that I feel so love. Coming to this module is a great choice. I know I am worth it, but also feels love at times. I needed this, to get me back to focus on what’s important. Tita Angie, thanks so much! You also help me to be the best mom to my daughter & a person that I can be. 😊 - You have no idea 😊 Thank you! 🖤🖤🖤

- Karen Facundo

Success now workshop feedback

I personally thank you and appreciate what you are doing. This success now workshop helped me a lot to set my goals and achieve them within this year so I will be financially free and help my family, community, my church & the whole world.

- Eleodora Garlejo

Success now workshop feedback

This workshop was very helpful and beneficial to me. I have learned how to be more positive person in facing the reality of life. It is very important to listen to a motivational speaker that talks from the very bottom of her heart which people can connect to what she was saying.

- Leilani Libres

Success now workshop feedback

Educational & entertaining at the same time. You are really motivational & inspiring. The workshop made me realize that if you don’t control your emotions, visualize your dreams, write down your goals, commit to positive habits – goals will be harder to achieve. Kudos to Tita Angie & the team.

- Florence Elumir

Success now workshop feedback

Thank you Angie for creating this workshop. I truly enjoyed the whole course from start to finish. You truly are an inspiration. I look forward to coming to your upcoming events. Keep shining, your remarkable.

- Joanna Vassos

Success now workshop feedback

You’re awesome Ma’am Angie.
I learned a lot from you. You helped me set my goals. And helped complete what I’m missing in reaching my goals. Thank you.

- Karen Gabriel

Success now workshop feedback

I really enjoyed this workshop! It was amazing. It showed me what it is to dream and set goals and how important it is. Thank you so much for your time!

- Susie Giesbrecht

Success now workshop feedback

It was my first time to meet Angie and it was amazing. I think that the seminar was engaging, informational, and inspirational at the same time. Thanks for showing your passion and sharing your time, Angie.

- Christjohn Sia

Success now workshop feedback

You are a great leader and a teacher as well. You teach us a lot. I’ve learned great things to day. Thank you for giving us your precious time.

- Angeline Marcelo

Success now workshop feedback

You did an awesome presentation for today. Continue importing your knowledge to people and individuals who are hungry for a new career and a better way to improve their life. Thanks I was able to attend this workshop. Keep up the good job.

- Mary Jane Malapit

Success now workshop feedback

This was the first success workshop I’ve attended and it was a very interesting experience, since I got the chance to actually reflect on myself and consider my path for the future. I thought it was very helpful!

- Kristine Para

Success now workshop feedback

I enjoyed this workshop and I learned lots of things especially about facts of life and how to be successful through improving our own selves and developing emotions and state of mind. Ate Angie’s Energy is much observed and I love the way she presents and talk to people. It is just so natural.

- Arisssa Mae Matias

Success now workshop feedback

Rated A+++++ superior, learned lots to set my personal goals. Positive mind and hungry to be successful like you. Need more knowledge and wisdom from God to have the strength every day. Hungry to become a millionaire and to retire. Learned to become a better leader.

- Mary Jane Evangelista

Success now workshop feedback

Very helpful workshop! I’ve always wanted to attend one and this is a great opportunity to better myself and learn from you, Tita. I would like to continue attending future workshops to be motivated, and inspired. I love to hear people’s stories, and what they did to pursue goals and be where they are now. And you were able to do this with your SNW.

- Christina Para

Success now workshop feedback

Hi Tita Angie! You just didn’t add value to me but most important, you give impact to myself. You are my inspiration and I will always look up to you. You are my favorite motivational speaker. If I could suggest one important thing, I hope and looking forward that you will initiate a workshop exclusively for the youth so they will be inspired by your story and values so we can embark something to the youth like you have given impact to me. I would love to help and volunteer to make this happen. 🖤

- Cuiney Malingin

Success now workshop feedback

Ate Angie you have amazingly taught me personally very strategic detailed and realistic goal setting. I admire how you related your story and experiences into putting into action all your goals, habits, values, vision and emotions and these have truly added value to me today. And until I achieve each of my goals, I will always carry in my heart how grateful I am to be mentored by you. I can’t wait to double or triple my income and finally set to the top.

- Joain Magallanes

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